Australia: Northern Territory – Kakadu National Park

Gunlom Falls

Kakadu National Park - Above Gunlom Falls

This photo was taken during my first major trip around Australia in 1998. This photo was taken somewhere between halfway and the top on the way to the top of the main waterfall at Gunlom Falls.


Cathedral Rock National Park: Scene from Cathedral Rock of Woolpack Rocks

Today’s photo was taken a couple of days ago while on my current holiday. The photo shows Woolpack Rocks in Cathedral Rock National Park (New South Wales, Australia), as seen from the top of Cathedral Rock.


The Grandis


The tallest tree in New South Wales – Australia. Yesterday’s photo covered the bottom of the tree on the approach to it – today’s photo shows the top of it.

A correction concerning the location of the tree is also in order. Yesterday I said it was located in Wang Wauk State Forest – and it once was. It hasn’t sprouted legs and moved elsewhere, but it has now been included in the Myall Lakes National Park.

Ellenborough Falls: Another Shot

2007_0824_ 006_Web

This is another shot taken near Ellenborough Falls to the west of Taree in New South Wales, Australia.

This is a view looking down from up near the top of the waterfall.

Walk to the Top of Yacaaba


Yesterday I went for a walk along the beach at Hawks Nest. When I reached the end of the walk I arrived at the beginning of the Yacaaba Walking Track in Myall Lakes National Park. I saw the sign and thought – ‘well, I might as well do it – I’m here now.’ So I did.

The walk to the top is a 1.5 km walk, with some fairly steep sections – though these are fairly small. The views along the way and at the top make the small amount of effort to get to the top well worthwhile. From The clubhouse at Hawks Nest’s Ocean Beach to the top of Yacaaba and back took me about 2.5 hours, however, I did the entire walk without shoes. I’d recommend shoes for the Yacaaba Headland part of the walk.

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