Dorrigo National Park: Birds Nest Ferns

Today’s photo was taken during my recent visit to Dorrigo National Park in New South Wales, Australia. The photo was taken on the Rosewood Track within the Never Never region of the national park. Birds Nest Ferns can be seen growing on the trunks of the trees in the rainforest.



Cathedral Rock National Park: Scene from Cathedral Rock of Woolpack Rocks

Today’s photo was taken a couple of days ago while on my current holiday. The photo shows Woolpack Rocks in Cathedral Rock National Park (New South Wales, Australia), as seen from the top of Cathedral Rock.


A 360 Degree Virtual Aerial Tour of Melbourne

Today’s site is amazing. I would expect that there are other sites like this, but the 360 degree virtual aerial tour of Melbourne, Australia, is fantastic. This is a site that needs to be seen.

Amigo’s Castle – Lightning Ridge


There are quite a number of strange sights at Lightning Ridge in New South Wales, Australia. The photo at left is one of them. The building is known as ‘Amigo’s Castle,’ which is a private home with construction begun back in 1981.

The building was inspired by Roman ruins located near Amigo’s birthplace in his homeland – Italy. It has all the trappings including, dungeons and tunnels – that form part of the owner’s opal mine.

Amigo’s Castle can be seen while taking the self-drive ‘Red Car Door Tour’ in Lightning Ridge (visit the Visitor’s Centre in Lightning Ridge for a brochure).