Gorgeous Large-Format Photos of Central Park at Night


We’re not Luddites here at Flavorwire, but I do have a soft spot for photographs shot on film, particularly when it utilizes the peerless detail and beauty of large format plates. So it goes with these spectacularly beautiful images of Central Park, which were taken by New Jersey photographer and large format devotee Michael Massaia, and which we spotted via Faith is Torment. The pictures were all taken at night — “between the hours of 2am and 6am” — and there’s a timeless, ghostly quality to them. There’s more of Massaia’s work at his website, and also a really fascinating video about his methods here.

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Breathtaking Aerial Photos of Water — and Its Absence


We interact with water constantly — and in so many different ways — that its ubiquity makes it seem both inevitable and invisible. We drink it, bathe in it, play in it, and are mostly made of it (a fact that I can never recall without also thinking about The Secret World of Alex Mack). But do we ever really stop and consider the ways it impacts us — and in turn, how we impact it? Photographer Edward Burtynsky and award-winning filmmaker Jennifer Baichwal took these questions as a creative and human challenge as they traveled the world making their documentary, Watermark.

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