Today I am posting a YouTube video concerning the game Glitch. This is a game that is still in beta (entered beta recently) and is being developed. However, there are growing periods of time when the game is open to new users to join and play the game. I have been playing Glitch for some time and I find the game to be quite addictive. It is a complex game, yet quite simple to play – and it is a very social experience as you interact with other Glitchers. I’ll leave you with the video.


Dorrigo National Park: Scene from Casuarina Falls

I am currently on leave and haven’t always had Internet access – hence the absence of a few posts recently. I have decided that for today I’ll post a photo taken today while bushwalking through the Dorrigo National Park in New South Wales, Australia. This shot is taken at Casuarina Falls on Sassafras Creek. More shots to come in coming days.


On Leave: Day Eight


This photo is taken from the final day of my road trip around NSW – for more information and photos visit:



On Leave: Day Five


This picture was taken on day five of my holiday – for more information and photos visit the links below:



On Leave: Day One


Just a photo from the holiday – for more information visit the site below and for photos the Flickr album (URL below):