On Leave: Day Five


This picture was taken on day five of my holiday – for more information and photos visit the links below:

On Leave: Day One


Just a photo from the holiday – for more information visit the site below and for photos the Flickr album (URL below): 

Help Lick Global Warming

Today I am posting a link. This link is to ‘Lick Global Warming,’ which as the name suggests is a site devoted to the defeat of global warming and climate change. The site provides information on the issue, as well as aids to help individuals do their bit to win the fight against global warming: 

More on Coorabakh National Park

If you would like to see more photos of the Coorabakh National Park and/or get more information on the national park, visit my website at:

Trial Bay Gaol Ruins


This is another shot of the Trial Bay Gaol in the Arakoon State Conservation Area in New South Wales, Australia.

For more information visit: