Restarting The Blog

Over the last few weeks I have been doing a fair amount of consolidation of websites and reassessment of website plans, etc. I have now arrived at the decision that I will be able to continue this Blog – so I will be starting again tomorrow.

To mark the restarting of the Blog, I have given the site an overhaul – which I hope you like.


Gloucester River Falls: Above the falls

2007_0429_ 016

This picture is of the Gloucester River above the falls pictured in the last two posts.

There are a series of falls along this stretch of the river, including a section I have been unable to reach because of the drop. One day I hope to trace the river upstream and locate the last section of the falls and get some photos.

The area photographed includes some great little spots for a dip on a hot day.



Today will be the only day that I post twice to this Blog. It will also be the only time that I post a photo not taken on the day that I put up a post. Simply put, today is all about launching the Blog and getting started.

So, if you happen upon this Blog – welcome 🙂 I hope you enjoy your time here and come back again.