A Short Film Week

Over the weeks and months that this Blog has existed, a number of short films have been embedded in my posts. I have no idea how many, but it wouldn’t be at all surprising to me if that number was at least 50 – if not more. I quite like the short film format and the many genres that go along with it.

This weekend while preparing various Blog posts, I decided I would do a short film week for my daily posts here on this Blog. I think I have done a short film week once previously and hopefully more will occur in the future.

Anyhow, enjoy this weeks offerings.

The link below is simply to a Wikipedia article on short films:
Short film – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Answer Garden

AnswerGarden is a very useful web application that can be embedded into a website. I use the embedded widget for feedback on one of my websites, but it can be used for a variety of purposes such as a guestbook or poll. It is available for free.



For today’s ‘daily’ I’m going to post about a new service from ‘Automattic,’ the guys behind WordPress.com. They have a new service called ‘Plinky.’

Basically, what this new service is all about is giving its members prompts for Blog posts. The service will ask you a question, which you then answer. This then becomes your Blog post, which can be added to your usual Blogging platform, such as WordPress (which is what I do). It can be shared direct from the site or embedded via a code that Plinky provides. I have been copying and pasting this code into my web editor in order to format the text as I would like it to appear in my Blog.

I think this is a great little service to help those just starting out in Blogs, as it will provide you with the basis for a daily post. It will also help those who struggle to come up with content for their Blogs.

Me? I just use it to supplement what I already post – to give my Blog a little more personal appeal.

Visit Plinky at: