My First Car – Datsun 120Y

This is a photo of my first car, a Datsun 120Y. This was from over 20 years ago now and this car I also lost in a car accident. I was struck from behind and the impact caused my seat to shear off and go backwards, so I was unable to see what was happening. In short, the car was no longer able to be used because of damage to the chassis. There are a lot of good memories associated with this car.

My first car


Warrumbungle National Park: White Gum Lookout – Scribbly Gum Bark

Today’s photo was taken on my recent trip to Warrumbungle National Park in New South Wales, Australia. This photo was taken at Whitegum Lookout and shows what is typical of our Scribbly Gums. The ‘scribble’ on the bark is inscet damge and not graffiti.

Whitegum Bark - Insect Damage