cold sores

Using Lift

If you ever wonder about the various apps I post about on this Blog – generally Sundays – they are usually apps I use already or have begun to use. The one I posted about today is called Lift, which is a relatively new app for the iPhone. I have just started to use it today and it looks a fairly easy one to use and it could be quite useful. 

To start with I am tracking my multivitamin taking. I decided to start taking these as an added preventative for the flu and cold sores (which as you know I seem to have a lot of lately), as well as a general top up for my dietary intake. Each day I simply check off on the app that I have taken the multi and the app continues to track my progress on developing this habit and keeps statistics. 

If I like what it does with the multivitamin tracking I’ll probably start to use the app for other purposes also.


Cold Sores

OK, so this is probably not the most exciting of topics to cover – cold sores. Yeah, I get cold sores. If I have a cold or the flu, I can almost be certain that I will have cold sores as well. They seem to come at exactly the same time I get sick. So at this moment I have cold sores again.

The last time I had the flu – which was only about 6 weeks ago – my entire bottom lip was covered in them. Quite a painful experience. On the positive side of things, this time they are on the top lip, for which my lower lip says thanks. I however, am still not impressed by them.