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I am something of a social networking and web application fan. Some people would probably say addict – but that is going too far I think. I just love web 2.0 technologies and sites. I find them to be amazingly helpful in almost everything that I do – organising my life, storing memories, communicating with family and friends, family history research, cataloging, etc. On this page, given the focus of this particular Blog, I thought it would be useful to provide links to my bookmarking and link
social networking profiles.


On This Page:



Delicious is an online bookmarking social network, that allows you to store your bookmarks online and share your bookmarks with others.

Visit my Delicious profile at:



StumbleUpon is a social networking site that allows members to discover and share websites that they find interesting and useful. I have only just started to add favourite sites to my StumbleUpon profile, by using the StumbleUpon toolbar.

You can visit my StumbleUpon profile at:


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