Kevin’s Wilderness Journeys

Kevin’s Wilderness Journeys (YouTube Channel)

OK, time for a bit of shameless self-promotion. Today’s link is to my YouTube channel, ‘Kevin’s Wilderness Journeys.’ I have only recently given the channel a bit of an overhaul and have plans to add a lot more content in coming days.

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Kevin’s Walk on the Wild Side

Today’s link is to one of my other Blogs. The Blog is called ‘Kevin’s Walk on the Wild Side.’ The Blog is a place for me to post news about my trips into the Australian wilderness, environmental news, conservation news, etc.

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Australian Wilderness Adventures: Episode 001 – Cathedral Rock National Park (Part 1)

Kevin’s Wilderness Journeys

The link for today is a more self-promotion. I have a site called Kevin’s Wilderness Journeys that follows my travels and interests in wilderness, bushwalking and camping.