One of the good things about being sick – yeah, sometimes there can be good things – is that I have been getting some good sleep. I think more than anything the sleep is really helping me in the recovery of my health. So very thankful for the sleep and I will pay more attention to sleep once things return to normal also.



I guess being a serial offender of not going to the doctor’s when ill has its downside – you sometimes develop pneumonia. I currently have pneumonia and have been quite ill. I spent a small amount of time in hospital hooked up to a drip and I now am spending a lot of time at home doing very little in an effort to shake it.

Perhaps I’ll go see a doctor before getting pneumonia next time – worth a thought.

Cold Sores

OK, so this is probably not the most exciting of topics to cover – cold sores. Yeah, I get cold sores. If I have a cold or the flu, I can almost be certain that I will have cold sores as well. They seem to come at exactly the same time I get sick. So at this moment I have cold sores again.

The last time I had the flu – which was only about 6 weeks ago – my entire bottom lip was covered in them. Quite a painful experience. On the positive side of things, this time they are on the top lip, for which my lower lip says thanks. I however, am still not impressed by them.


I have just one more week until I’m on annual leave again (for two weeks). I am so looking forward to it and will use the time as wisely as I can – especially to rest, ensure correct sleep patterns, etc. I am so tired at the moment and need to discipline myself to ensure I have adequate sleep. I must tell myself, ‘sleep is my friend and is not a waste of time.’