Funeral: Grandfather – Fred Lilley

Funeral: Grandfather - Fred Lilley

My grandfather’s funeral was held today – he died last Thursday. This photo was taken during his WWII service in the Australian army.


Visiting the Family Sick

This week has been a busy one and has included visiting the sick and injured members of my family. The annexed photo shows my mother, who is in a remarkable condition, considering a week prior to the photo shown she was involved in a serious car accident that clould easily have killed her. She managed to get out with just some bruising and minor abrasions. From what I understand three cars were written off in the accident, so quite amazing. The photo also shows my grandfather who now lives at a nursing home in Wallsend.

World War II: Vickers Valencia Bomber

The following photo was taken by my grandfather while stationed with the British Army in North Africa. This photo shows a Vickers Valencia Bomber at Mersa Matruh in 1935.


A Vickers Valencia Bomber

Family: Family of Joseph and Mary Baggs

This photo shows my Great, Great Grandparents (Joseph and Mary Baggs) and their young family, including my Great Grandmother Elizabeth Baggs.


Family of Joseph and Mary Baggs