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This Blog has been operating for some time now and has gone through a series of transformations, as well as being focused on certain areas more than others over time. I don’t remember there even being a quotation on the site thus far, even though the premise of the Blog has been to post one of either a photo, video, quote or link per day each day. Some days have been missed and there have been occasional extended breaks from posting for one reason or another.

It is now time for a little change, to keep both the Blog and myself fresh. It won’t be completely different and will still follow the overall premise of the Blog – more-or-less.

Generally speaking, the photos posted will be mine. The videos may be mine or be an embedded video from YouTube that appeals to me for a reason that I will reveal in the post. Quotes in this Blog will be those that I find inspiring or useful for some reason, which I will again reveal in the post. Links may be to a site or page that I author, or may be to a site or page that I find useful or interesting.

Photos or videos may come from something that I see or experience on a particular day – or from my past. Quotes will of course come from a book I am reading or have read. Links will be to sites that I have recently visited or perhaps bookmarked at some point in the past.

I am hoping to change the format a little, though the overall premise will remain intact, with the exception of a further addition to the posts. The above will continue to be the overall thrust of the site, but I also intend to add a daily post concerning some aspect of my life or experience encountered each day. I’m not entirely sure how this will play out, so I’ll be playing it by ear a little.

To find out more about me, visit a place I call ‘Kevin’s Portal,’ a portal to my presence on the World Wide Web.

Visit ‘Kevin’s Portal’ at:


Updated 20 September 2015


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